From the eternal silence

July 26, 2009

eternal silenceOnce I heard a myth of burying someone(i dont exactly remember the name) who askedVishnu, to be buried somewhere where no one else have been burried,  to be burried in His palm.It made me think of the large millions sleeping for ever under each and every steps of us .A word of tribute to all the forefathers beneath our foots….


I came here uninvited but wanted

To inherit what belongs to someone else

My little feet lead me forward

Forgetting its in the heart of millions

They are the ones who led my base

Its their fruit that I reap

Now I feel them watching me

And from the eternal silence they speak

It makes me think of the eternal wisdom

And  about the mortality of the earthly wealth

Yes ,I too  will fade away , leaving the world

To join my fathers below the turfs

Feelings do matter  , but today is fast

I move on to keep with the tide

Still trampling on your hearts

But having no time to regret.


Returned unopened…

July 26, 2009

image001Once I was to a jesus youth program, where music night was done by the rex band against abortion ie from an infants perspective. It was the inspiration  of the following poem(if it can be called so)


The  blue sky , streamlined with the clouds,

The  green  pastures with the little streams as anklets,

The mountains neck laced with the mist,

Were all in my dreams that filled my longingness

The  days of light with my loved ones ,

The calm nights enriched with lullabies,

The times of fun ,and togetherness ,

Were cherished in my days of solitude

I  longed to be a supportive hand to you

To be a part of the  new world

Where you  can know me better

And I can see your face

I loved the safety here

I inferred your each and  every thought

I realized  my entry as uninvited

Still I loved you a lot

I believed you could feel my hugs

After all I was a part of you

I whispered comforting words in silence

Couldn’t  you here me ?

Being in the most comfortable  space

Oh! foolish me believed myself secure

How  could you make me terribly wrong?

How could you decide to destroy me?

In a span of second, with those deadly weapons

Yes , It was too simple for you

My silent cry went unheard

My mere effort to live , went in vain  …………………….

Though   I am horizons away from you now

I still wonder  !

How could you make your womb a murder yard ?

How could you ignore my helpless cries ?

How could you decide to return me unopened?

Our first program outside the college….

July 26, 2009

Chumma  veetil  classu kazhinju kuthiyirikumbol, jithin (he is my classmate) called me and said can we go to an exhibition from the college to NRCT murikkasssery.I asked a lot questions and he said ‘God knows’.Nammukku poyi  nokkam. Next day we were at Rajakumary School.The teachers us what to explain in our stall , an opened computer, audio sensor… Any way I saw a computer opened for the first time..It was good not that great as it gave an opening to be free with the staffs and atlest few students .

Computer labs and classes..

Having opted biology in +2 I struggled to follow the initial computer classes. Some amount of basic knowledge was preassumed from the fresher who have opted on computer science branch. First lab was  a  horrible experience with all ‘pulies’ in all sides  , made such a lot of errors which I just could stare on. Some kind hearted of my neighbor seaters helped me through anyway and I escaped.After 3 or 4 labs I was contiously making mess, which was later sorted by jithu by a tree hour session on basic programming. Later on I caught the pace.All the confusions and non understanding in classes made me have a group of friends that later turned my combined  study  group.

My first real combine study…..

During our first series exam, just before the exam I used to say a few questions to all….as they called ‘a crash course.’Anyway it was building relations.On our Chemistry exam, most of the guys bunked, and jitin  was afraid to bunk , came and asked me for abook to learn. The only book I had was my note and said sorry.I felt a prick of consciousness and asked if u need v can learn together .2 and half hours ,v completed 2 and half module.v did a good exam. It was the beginning of agroup 10+ students a proper combine study   that lasted the 4 years an even now.

Me  as A placement volunteer….

Somebody came in the class and asked for 5 students to help the placements.’chenda purathu kolu veykunna evideyam kai veykunna swabhavam aayathinal , ‘I immediately consented .It was a drive of a call centre named Allsec , a smooth drive, just to help out the officials an reg. A very pleasant day , properly instructed

Back to the college, we went hod for the duty leave and he was of the opinion of not to go any further like this .A little shock for us to receive criticism when we expected admiration. Later we became very well accosted to reactions like that. Any way we got the duty leaves and back to regular life.

Now what,lots of days of class …exams…seminars and assignments…small raggings..All the senior batches have had their study leaves started …days of freedom….i saw the whole college for the first time

Next  on the first hosted program the Christmas celebration and issue that followed it….


July 26, 2009


It was Jithu , who wanted me or rather compelled me to write regarding the days at ce munnar. ‘aparamaya madiyum confusionum nimitham ethu vare ezhyuthiyilla…..if I don’t write at least now, I may go too distant that may make me unable to write


As any other say ,an attempt on engineering entrance , a good rank to procure a merit free seat  at hand, proximity to  the college and the fact that my parents were feeling lonely….made me take admission to college of engineering  Munnar.

My first days…

I went to see the college unofficially much before my real joining. I thought in mind ‘mothtathil nalla banghiyundu’.In the govt said date ,I took admission withal the docs. Met  a few students an teachers there.

The first working day…there was an introductory session where all hods addressed and we went to our classes.I  remember the principal of that time MPC sir whom I admired from that day,who said regarding ragging as ‘ningalude pillere njangal upadhravikkilla.pinne njangulude pillere ningalum upadhravikkaruthu. That was a smooth day…a new class…new air…any way I rather enjoyed..

The  days that followed was as normal as any other day and with sets of upadeshams tits and bits of ragging classes and assignments went on & on & on….

July 25, 2009


to write something of life at munnar.a big series of events that is difficult to express a try ,still a humble try.